Amrendra Singh

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Dr. Amrendra is interested in the area of attention, perception and meditation. More specifically he studies the role of spatial attention in visual awareness and subjective experience of time and how these processes are modulated by changes in attentional processing achieved through practice of meditation.

Dr. Amrendra received his PhD in Cognitive Science from Centre of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (CBCS), University of Allahabad. After completing his PhD, he was awarded a Postdoctoral Research fellowship by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to study the brain mechanism underlying the effect of spatial attention on time perception using functional MRI.

His current projects focuses on studying the effect of spatial scope (focused / distributed) of attention on perception of time where he is using functional MRI to identify the brain networks involved in processing time as a function of spatial scope of attention. He is also trying the understand how emotions influence our experience of time and their underlying neural mechanisms. In another project using behavioral experiments he is investigating the relationship between attention and perception. Dr. Amrendra teaches course like Research Methods, Introduction to Cognitive Psychology and Perception.