Dr. Niharika Singh


Assistant Professor
Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences,
University of Allahabad
email: niharika@cbcs.ac.in

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Dr. Niharika Singh did her PhD in Cognitive Science from Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad where worked on oculomotor/ cognitive control in bilinguals under supervision of Prof. Ramesh Kumar Mishra.

Her research work focuses on bilingualism and cognitive control, multimodal interactions during language production and comprehension using eye tracking as a methodology. Her previous work on bilingualism has shown positive modulatory effect of L2 proficiency extending to oculomotor control in bilinguals. She is exploring the mechanism of cognitive control engaged in language switching during production and comprehension in bilinguals and interaction of emotion with bilingual language switching. Using visual world parading she is investigating the effect of ageing on the anticipatory mechanism during spoken language comprehension Currently, with PhD students she is looking at the interplay of attention and visual perceptual grouping on utterance planning. Her recent interest also includes investigation of the link between microsaccades and language processing. She teaches courses on Introduction to cognition, Psycholinguistics, Culture and Cognition, and Vision and Cognition